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The Journey of MEDIT: How We Began Empowering Doctors through Digital Medical Education

MEDIT is a medical education company that was founded in late 2016 by myself, who was at that time, a medical officer at the Sarawak General Hospital.

The company's goal is focused on helping doctors learn and develop despite the challenges facing the profession today. The company has more than 20 digitally trained medical professionals ranging from students to consultants.

My passion for training and teaching developed and grew as time went by, even more so when I completed the PACES in Chennai, India back in early 2017.

With my colleague from Myanmar

Prior to starting MEDIT, I had worked on a Digital Housemanship Survival Kit with hopes to assist my fellow juniors in the hospital in their housemanship journey. This idea and kit were very well received by my then Head of Department who welcomed me to work along with the Specialist in charge of the Housemanship Training in the department of Internal Medicine Department.

Unfortunately, due to her very own insecurities, the project was parked entirely under her purview and I was removed from the entire team. I learnt that conflicts are a must if the improvement is needed, but generally, doctors do not handle conflicts well or negotiation.

"Together, we form a necessary paradox; not a senseless contradiction"

Sadly, the victims of the situation were the junior doctors who didn't benefit from the kit.

All she took was the kit, but the machinery that runs and disseminates the learning was no longer in the team to get it up and running. And that requires hours, days, weeks, months and years of work with NO recognition, but done with ONLY purpose!

And at that very moment, I realised that when specialists steal the work of his or her downline and claim it as theirs, it is called an "office dispute". But, when it involves a company, now you are talking about commercial liability.

From then on, MEDIT has worked with a variety of medical organizations in Malaysia, including the Malaysian AIDS Foundation, the Malaysian Society of HIV Medicine, Universiti Malaya, and Hospis Malaysia, to raise public awareness about important medical issues. While doing this important work, MEDIT has stayed focused on its long-term goal of assisting in the training of doctors throughout their careers.

To this end, MEDIT has developed CME Academy, a platform for hosting learning content, and began to develop Malaysia's first (and now largest) library of content for the Members of Royal College (UK) exams. Upon its launch, CME Academy was subscribed to by learners from four continents, with a total signup of more than 1000 learners in the first month alone.

CME Academy: Visit

Today, CME Academy, hosts content for internal medicine and a Digital Housemanship Kit for Malaysian House Officers. MEDIT continues to work towards its goal of empowering doctors through digital medical education and has made a significant impact on the medical community in Malaysia and beyond. So, the journey of MEDIT has been a successful one, with a focus on assisting doctors in their careers and using digital media and medical education to achieve this goal.

Regardless of the circumstances I face, I strongly believe that success is not final, and failure is not is the COURAGE to continue that count!



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