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The only way to do great work is to love what you do!! 


Join us on this journey of transforming the medical education experience from passive learning into technology-assisted learning that allows learners to explore and enjoy their learning sessions. 

Job Listings

Job Listings

Research Writer

Gathering, organizing, analyzing, and presenting pieces of scientific information onto a standard format, process difficult knowledge into simple terms without altering the actual content.

Research done based on scientific/evidence-based information from validated resources provided by the Academic director pertaining to the relevant areas or field of research.

Academic Writer

Extract information provided from the research output, construct sentences explaining the research points in an explanatory manner with a tone depending on the nature of the context.

Presentation Designer

Design with purpose—understand the content of presentations and utilize best design practices
to create layouts for optimal viewing. Consult on the visual story and flow of content to create engaging presentations. Create data visualizations that are clear and easy to understand. Design custom graphics, from icons to isometric illustrations..

Media Executive

Design and create media content (icon/imageries/vectors/3d images) for the purpose of educational content creation, OR record completed slide shows OR edit recorded slide shows, OR curate visual content using various media editing tools.

Medical Educator

Identifying individual/group performance gaps to individualize training; designing, organizing, developing, implementing, and managing their own and educational activities; being an early adopter and fluent in selecting and using appropriate technology tool(s), guiding learners' use of resources and practice to achieve identified performance targets.

Affiliate Marketer

Creating engaging and attractive content, driving traffic to your affiliate site, getting clicks on your affiliate links, and converting clicks to sales.
Is able to work independently and thrives by achieving set goals. Once you are confident in what you need to do, you can run with it and don’t need a lot of direction. You are able to report your progress on a weekly basis. You are outcome-oriented and get a buzz from achieving your goals. That said, you are not on an island. You’ll get help and support from the team.

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