About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

MEDIT, a member of Amogha Group of Companieshas developed from a small, ambitious internet discussion into a growing company with far-reaching motivation, dedicated to learning and sharing. 

Medical Professional

Our Story

With an emphasis on medicine & training, we are filled with enough creative horsepower to help our clients get their message heard, help those who are growing flourish and to even help those who don’t know they need help.

Leveraging on Amogha Group of Companies' 23 years of experience in the industry of skills training and public coaching, MEDIT is driven to explore creative and technology based solutions to tell stories that matter.

Our Process


We take a deep dive into learning the scope of area required in the works of our products and services.


We clearly outline the tasks and workflow which also include automation of steps to complete our work and achieve our goals.


We convert conceptual change into practical outcomes to benefit our learners and customers in the field of digital sciences and education.


We constantly strive to stay relevant by adopting new technologies and services to improve efficiency and productivity.


Our People


Our Clients