About MEDIT & CME Academy

This Is How Our Story Began

MEDIT was founded in 2015 in the beautiful city of Kuala Lumpur & has developed from a small and ambitious internet start-up into a growing company with far-reaching motivations and ambitions.


MEDIT is dedicated to learning and sharing. With an emphasis on

medicine & training, we are driven to explore creative and technology based solutions to tell stories that matter.

We are filled with enough creative horsepower to help our clients get their message heard, help those who are growing flourish and to even help those who don’t know they need help.


We are physically located in the Klang Valley, however, in the current age of digital communication, our presence is recognised and felt via multiple user channels. Drop us a line - we’re never far from your front door.

Image by Izuddin Helmi Adnan

Our Services

  • WE are engineers and developers of websites, apps & technology solutio...

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  • WE are editors, producers, publishers and distributors of digital cont...

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  • WE are the architects of CME Academy, Malaysia's first Medical Learnin...

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  • WE are designers of software solutions for organisations and businesse...

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Meet Our Team

Dr. Lavanya

Founder & Academic Director

Responsible for the ideation, content creation & process development for the various education projects.

Aneed Anand

Managing Director

Delivering corporate strategy, operations, marketing, finance and business development for growth and sustainability..

Md. Shahrulnizam

Technical Director

Compiling, creating &/or delivering unique systems & functionalities for intuitive user experience and satisfaction.


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