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  • Lavanya Narayanan

What's new with MRCP (UK) PACES 2023?

mrcp uk paces new format
What is being removed from the MRCP (UK) PACES carousel?

1. Station 2

The history-taking station was considered to be artificial with structured history-taking skills being tested in isolation and not representative of modern practice.

2. Station 4

20 minutes for a single communication and ethics encounter was felt to be rather long and in particular, the five-minute examiner/candidate interaction added little value to the overall assessment.

3. Station 5

Testing all seven skills in an integrated manner was very like real life but was very pressured in 10 minutes.

What is being introduced?

1. Communication

Two 10-minute communication encounters. These will no longer include a question and answer section with the examiners. Instead, the encounter will be judged on observation alone.

2. Consultations

Two 20-minute clinical consultations will assess candidates across all seven skills in a realistic and integrated manner. Candidates will have 15 minutes to take a structured history, examine the patient, explain the likely diagnosis and management and address any questions or concerns raised. There will then be a five minute question and answer section with the examiners.

3. Encounter sequencing across the carousel

The new carousel will alter the sequencing of the encounters through the carousel. Some stations will include physical examination and communication encounters. This will ensure that examiners at each station contribute more judgements in each of the skills for each candidate, improving the reliability of the exam.



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