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MEDIT Services

Our focus is to deliver high quality medical education and work closely with clients, delivering our services meeting their needs.

MEDIT's multi-talented team of designers and medical professionals who put together our efforts to deliver services as shown below:

Med Ed
Digital Media
Anatomy Drawing

Medical Education

We develop and design examination preparatory courses for potential candidates.
Doctor Talking To Patient

Workshop Design

We curate face-to-face, online and hybrid training programs and workshops.
Medit's Digital Media Image

Digital Media

We create, curate and publish digital media content for educational purposes.

Creative Design

We design graphics and visuals for learning content and medical awareness.

Learning Systems

We provide consultations and develop learning systems for our partners and customers.
Post Production in Process

Video Production

We can create high quality & well written video content for medical education.
Learning Systems
Workshop Design
Creative Design
Vid Production
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MEDIT's Portfolio

Over the years MEDIT has worked on many endeavours and developed our skills towards our goal of assisting learners. The following are few of our works that could highlight of our skills, strengths, capabilities and ambitions.

Medical Education

2021 MY House-officer's Digital Kit

Variety Content Creation | Instructional Design & Delivery  | Syllabus Design

A workplace-based learning digital kit designed according to the MMC Guidebook for Houseofficers

CME Academy

CME Academy

LMS | Syllabus Design | Content Creation

Online learning platform with high-quality medical educational resource

PACES Workshops

Clinical Workshops | Exam Design

Royal Colleges (UK) examination preparatory courses and mock examinations

Clinical Workshops

Other Projects

Medical Education Awareness Program

Series of medical educational & public health projects that MEDIT has participated in over the years.

What Our Clients Say

MAF _ MAC_Logo_FA_310120120-hq-01.png
Dr Colin, The Malaysian AIDS Council

The team is tremendously supportive and accommodative. They are proficient, accessible and patient.

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