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  • Lavanya Narayanan

MEDIT- As we began specialist training...

Let's go back in history to our journey on how we carried on with specialist training programs in 2017. MEDIT ran its very first physical course for the MRCP (UK) Part 1 in 2017 - we had 4 students who came all the way from the corners of the country - Klang, Taiping, Johor Bahru and Seremban. We conducted the training in Worq Damansara (a co-working space).

We had basic Google Slides decks for every module in the Part 1 exam preparation and we coached our participants on concepts in the MRCP (UK) Training Syllabus.

Fast forward time...

Since then, our physical courses have evolved to include more practical elements to learning such as:

Teaching & Learning Material:

  • communication skills training

  • mock exams

  • patient-assisted teaching workshops

  • question bank analysis & coaching


2017 - Published MEDIT's 1st MRCP PART 1 & 2 Study Kit (EBook on Google Playstore)

I always wanted a study kit when I was preparing for exams - a study kit that contained the relevant topics and subtopics to be covered for the MRCP (UK) exams, unfortunately, I was unable to find any on the marketplace then. Since I didn't find any, I decided to create one myself, thinking it would be very beneficial to our learners.

We worked on publishing our very own Study Kit for MRCP (UK) Part 1, & 2 in the 2nd quarter of 2017 to help our learners navigate core topics and disease-related scenarios tested in the examination.

So, what is special about this kit? It is divided into Symptoms-Based and Disease-Based Topics with learning outcomes according to the level of training i.e for Part 1 or Part 2.

I really liked how we simplified the RCP (UK) syllabus to provide clarity to the vast range of topics one is expected to learn for the examinations!

Yours truly,

Lavanya N.



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