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MEDIT: Leading Medical Education Company in Malaysia and Beyond

MEDIT is a medical education company that has been working hard to assist and complement the training of Internal Medicine Physicians in Malaysia. With an unwavering commitment to excellence and a vision for growth, MEDIT is expanding its reach to other medical specialities while collaborating with other organizations to make a positive impact on the medical profession.


Expanding Preparatory Programs to Other Medical Specialties

One of MEDIT's primary goals is to offer preparatory programs for doctors in other medical specialities.

In 2023, the company will launch an MRCPsych program, with plans to offer MRCS, MRCPCH, MRCPath, and MRCEM programs by 2025. This expansion will help prepare doctors for the challenges and opportunities of their careers in a broader range of specialities.


Collaborating with Other Organizations

MEDIT is open to collaborating with medical NGOs, universities, and societies to assist in the delivery of medical messages and support learning in the medical community. The company's talented content creation team can help these organizations get their messages heard and make a positive impact on the medical profession.

Join MEDIT's Passionate and Diverse Team

MEDIT is always on the lookout for talented and passionate medical professionals to join its team and contribute to the learning and development of its colleagues. The company values diversity, creativity, and a commitment to excellence and is continually seeking new perspectives and ideas to bring to the table.


MEDIT's Future Vision: Growth and Collaboration

MEDIT's vision for the future is one of growth and collaboration, with a focus on supporting the training and development of doctors in a variety of specialities while working with others to make a positive impact on the medical profession. With its expanding preparatory programs, collaborations with other organizations, and diverse team of professionals, MEDIT is poised to transform medical education and training in Malaysia and beyond!



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