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Say hello to CME Academy...

2019 - Embarking into the online learning world

When it comes to learning, we aim to create an online academy with a vision of being the largest online medical library designed for the Royal Colleges (UK) Exam Preparatory Courses in South East Asia.
CME Academy Dashboard

In 2019, we launched the first and largest online learning platform for continuing medical education (CME) in Malaysia. It contains over 700 pre-recorded video tutorials with handouts to complement learning.

All of our courses are based on an outline guided by internationally recognized syllabus & standards.

“So far technology has hardly changed formal education at all. But a lot of people, including me, think this is the next place where the Internet will surprise people in how it can improve things—especially in combination with face-to-face learning.” — Bill Gates

So, what makes this platform interesting? We have a multitude of teaching and learning materials available for the learners to explore. We provide video tutorials, quizzes, stepwise procedure guides, and other interactive presentations for our learners to enjoy their learning experience while acquiring related knowledge and skills.

This was a missing tool in my tool shack as a learner for the MRCP (UK) Examinations. I was constantly looking for material to learn from which were tailored for the examination and most that were out there struggled to meet the needs.


We started off with Google Slides presentation decks with trial questions attached to enable the learner to learn a topic and test themselves on their understanding. We began with the traditional path of learning where learners are:

  1. Provided with learning material

  2. Guidance on what and how to use the material by the tutor

  3. Assessment - in both formative and summative formats

We applied these fundamental blocks of learning and published our first few topics for the Part 1 MRCP (UK) Preparatory Course.

As a tutor, I also kick-started my tutoring career by launching a "StudyWithMe" routine on Twitter and to my surprise grew my following by over 1000%! So, what did I exactly do? I posted daily twitter threads with key info on a particular topic for the Part 1 modules. This was done in a modular form to ensure we cover all the major and minor topics by the end of 3 months...which is close to the exam date.

Loving the response that I saw on Twitter, we jacked up our publication game to close 2019 with a big bang!



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