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Populated content as fast as Coronavirus replicated itself!

In 2020, we ramped up production by completing all the required modules in the Part 1 MRCP (UK) syllabus and marketed them as bundles of learning.

We added more interesting material which included:

  • Handouts - for easy reference

  • Audio content - for auditory learners

  • Added more questions to the banks

We went the extra mile of training our company's team members with the latest platforms available and making the work process as lean as possible. This way, we could publish a large library of content with reviews and external audits done in a short span of time.

Our Quiz Section

This was crucial as learners needed the resources to prepare for their exams, and finding them all under-1-roof was certainly a solution they could not keep their hands off!

All Courses & Bundles available for viewing

Here is what we have in store for Part 1 E-Learning

The journey was no easy task, as our team was also actively involved in the management of the pandemic in the country, time was certainly a tough asset to manage.

But, we pulled through and diligently carried on with discipline in getting daily tasks completed - showing up was the secret to completion!

Having passed the challenges in 2020, made us believe that nothing is impossible IF we are disciplined enough.

Yours Truly,

Lavanya N.



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