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CME Academy: A Comprehensive Learning Management System for Medical Professionals

CME Academy is a learning management system launched on December 20, 2018 by MEDIT, a medical education company with expertise in digital media and systems design. The platform is designed to host learning content for various medical Royal College (UK) exams preparatory programs, with content for all three parts of the MRCP (UK) exams already available and uploaded onto the platform. This content can be accessed through bundle packages or individual courses.

In addition to hosting preparatory materials for medical exams, CME Academy also provides a comprehensive House Officer's Kit for Malaysian House Officers. This resource is designed to help newly qualified doctors adjust to their new work environment and understand the expectations placed upon them. The House Officer's Kit covers a wide range of topics, including communication skills, patient safety, and clinical governance, to help house officers navigate their new roles effectively and confidently.

My Housemanship Kit Dashboard

CME Academy is an essential resource for medical professionals looking to improve their knowledge and skills, whether they are preparing for exams or looking for guidance in their new roles. With a focus on providing high-quality learning content and resources, CME Academy is an invaluable tool for doctors and other medical professionals at all stages of their careers.


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